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We are skilled in all aspects of Process Control Engineering

Design. Engineering. Automation. Support. Infercon Automation does it all. We are a team of experts with 270+ man-years of expertise in automation working in different industries and countries including, India, Middle East, Europe.
We are skilled in all aspects of process control engineering because we all understand that the greatest influence over project success or failure comes from the earliest stages of conceptual design, long before the actual programming effort ever begins.

Once we’ve helped define the automation engineering service requirements in the front-end project phases, our Industrial Automation Solution division is comprehensive in its capability to source and provide transmitter-to-valve engineering, and supply complete, fabricated, configured, and tested safety and control systems. The result is a totally integrated automation lifecycle, from project inception to operation.

1Project Management – Administrate Development of Key Project Deliverable
2Initial Survey, Scope Definition, Goal Identification
3Conceptual and Preliminary Design Package Preparation
4Equipment and Functional Specification Development
5Execution Strategies and Cut-over Plan Formulation
6Budget and Cost Estimating
7Facilitate Relationships Among Project Stakeholders
8Complete Construction Drawing Package Development
9PLC, and HMI Programming
10Legacy Control System Migration
11Project Automation Scheduling - Resources and People
12FAT and SAT Plan Creation
13Control Panel Design and Fabrication
14Construction Support
15FAT and SAT Support
Engineering Services

Engineered Services

Front-End Engineering

A Front End Engineering Design (FEED) analysis from Infercon Automation will allow you to align your project with business objectives and to create a detailed and solid project foundation. We combine industry expertise, process engineering and project management, along with our partner solutions to deliver the ROI you expect from your project.
This service also establishes a preliminary plan including scope of work and functional specifications to provide a well-defined starting point for any automation project.

Project Assessment Studies

Infercon Automation engages its clients' stakeholders to determine project goals, scope boundaries, assumptions, and customer requirements. A common vision of the project is formulated in a project assessment report.

Conceptual Design

Infercon Automation experienced professionals work closely with the client's engineers to map out the preliminary scope of work for the project and propose a high level view of the system requirements. The conceptual design includes a budgetary estimate and schedule to support the feasibility and business case reviews.

Feasibility and Business Case

Business drivers are evaluated, including return on investment, and safety and environmental issues. The earlier project assessment report and conceptual design provide essential data for this study. Infercon Automation offers consultation, staff augmentation, and assistance with deliverable to support the decision making steps.

Preliminary Engineering

Infercon Automation works under a project execution plan and performs the engineering to evolve a solid project design basis from an earlier conceptual design. Client review and approval cycles assure the quality of the functional requirements specification and the control system vendor evaluations.

Hardware Design Specifications

Infercon Automation and the client establish specific project standards for the detailed hardware design of the system and the field I/O.

Software Design Specifications

Infercon Automation and the client establish project design standards for the system software and the HMI operator functions. Texcello and the client create detailed design specifications for each loop and control scheme. Individual control loops are configured and tested to the software design specifications.

Instrument, Electrical and Field Bus Design

Infercon Automation provides CAD and engineering services for instrumentation, field devices, and electrical equipment including layout, installation, wiring, junction boxes, and cable runs.

Network Design

Infercon Automation designs industry standard as well as vendor specific networks for distributing controllers, I/O, data servers, and operator stations. Networks like Industrial Ethernet can be a composite of cables, fiber optics, and wireless systems, with managed switches and routers.

Control System Configuration

Infercon Automation qualified specialists configure executable control logic and operator stations (HMI) to perform the required process functionality in accordance with project standards and client review cycles. Controls are configured according to a Software Design Specification. Software quality standards lead to consistent, correct, maintainable control systems.

Hardware Design and Panel Fabrication

Infercon Automation operates has its reliable and time-tested vendors for panel fabrication and testing facility. The Texcello team designs and builds sophisticated panels both for a wide variety of projects, from small operator PLC cabinets, to large multi-bay safety and control systems designed to run large facilities.

Simulation and Factory Acceptance Testing

Infercon Automation builds process simulation test beds to prove that controls and operator interfaces will function in accordance with project requirements. A FAT plan with checklists lets the client's representatives test every loop and HMI screen against the Software Design Specification.

Construction, Installation and Commissioning

Infercon Automation can supply the construction scope of work and support the client with preparing and analyzing bid packages based on the detailed design. Texcello can support the control system and field installation activities, including power up and commissioning with cabinet testing, communication testing, and I/O signal testing.

Site Acceptance Testing and Start-up

After the control system and all the I/O have been installed and commissioned, Infercon Automation works with the client to supply the Site Acceptance Testing in accordance with Infercon Automation generated SAT plan. SAT is similar to the FAT, but includes testing of actual field devices and foreign device interfaces.

User Training Services

Infercon Automation provides webinars and training. Training specific to a control system project may be customized with training materials and manuals for operators or technical personnel. Project classes can be scheduled at Texcello' offices in conjunction with Factory Acceptance Testing, or at the client's site in conjunction with Site Acceptance Testing.

Maintenance and Support

Infercon Automation offers qualified specialists to support clients' needs. Personnel can be provided to augment the client's staff or to consult on specific issues (hardware, software, safety, advanced control, networks, and alarm management, to name a few.) A Technical Services Agreement (TSA) is an annual arrangement with a time-plus-expenses purchase order and discounted pricing.

Lifecycle and Upgrade Planning

Infercon Automation can provide the client with strategies, alternatives, and estimates for upgrades and migrations of safety and control systems.

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