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We are skilled in all aspects of Process Control Engineering

Expertise and resources to help you dependably define, execute, and support a automation strategy throughout the lifecycle of your operation. Achieving better project performance starts with reliable services and training till commissioning.
We are skilled in all aspects of process control engineering because we all understand that the greatest influence over project success or failure comes from the earliest stages of conceptual design, long before the actual programming effort ever begins.

Once we’ve helped define the automation engineering service requirements in the front-end project phases, our Industrial Automation Solution division is comprehensive in its capability to source and provide transmitter-to-valve engineering, and supply complete, fabricated, configured, and tested safety and control systems. The result is a totally integrated automation lifecycle, from project inception to operation.

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Project Management

At Infercon Automation, we believe Strong Project Management provides a path to better project performance by reducing complexity, eliminating work, and accommodating late changes.

Our transformation approach to enabling top quartile performance in capital projects by digitally transforming your project through modern project management strategies, innovative engineering practices and digital technologies. Our knowledge management enables use of past project experience, operational facility knowledge, continuous improvement, and low employee turnover are all key contributors to the value we bring. With the stakes this high, having a strong project management team on your side is invaluable.

You can feel relieved that having Infercon Automation on your side will help you control costs, improve communication, and get proven project results where automation is concerned. Our proven approach helps manage multiple stakeholders, scope, schedule and budget to reduce complexity and mitigate your project risks till successful commissioning.

Lead Automation Contractor

Although automation and instrumentation are relatively small in capital scope, their importance to your project execution can be critical till successful commissioning.

Making the right choice for your automation platform and who implements it can mitigate risk to your project and ongoing operations. With the current challenging commodity prices affecting your project economics and increased shareholder scrutiny on return on investment (ROI), making the right choice of automation platform and execution team is imperative. It is here, infercon automation play a pivotal role in ensuring that your project is successfully executed with its best solution to your satisfaction.

Infercon Automation team have an approach of leveraging our partners' automation/ instrumentation technology and an execution team made up from highly skilled and experienced resources from Infercon Automation and partner brands. Collaboratively integrating all the project stakeholders will minimize risk, reduce duplication of effort, and ensure project objectives are met.

Construction Management

Based on the scope, scale, and complexity of the automation solutions provided by Infercon Automation we will set-up and operate a formal Construction Site Management.

Construction Management is characterized by collaboration between stakeholders such as owner, consultant, suppliers, and Construction Manager (Infercon Automation) working as a team to achieve efficiencies in the areas of time, cost, and construction..This is particularly the case in the pre-construction phase of the project including participation in the design process to ensure optimal economy and efficiency in the selection of materials, systems, construction methods, and scheduling are included.

A cornerstone of Infercon Automation’s Construction Site Management is the health and safety of our employees, contractor’s, and customers; and we are diligent in putting safety first till successful commissioning.

Start-up & Commissioning

Getting a facility or process up and running under a tight timeline can be challenging, especially as you integrate complex technologies that require specialized skill sets to support.

With proven, streamlined startup and commissioning services implemented by partner-certified Infercon Automation technicians, you’ll be able to address potential regulatory, operational, and project risks early to insure a safe, timely start-up. Our extensive knowledge of DCS technology and architecture, coupled with continuous product training, extensive hands on plant experience, and direct access to factory expertise and support, ensure the best possible system start-up for your project.

Our commissioning service team is well versed in Smart Commissioning which greatly reduces the time and effort for commissioning field devices which positively impacts the overall project execution schedule.